Chasing Down Creative Growth

I’ve made a considerable amount of excuses to myself when it comes to how I should exercise my creative muscles and thats lead to a very noticeable creative slump. It got to the point where I would only get my camera out for paid gigs. Ask any seasoned photographer and they’ll tell you thats a recipe for burn out. I’ve struggled with the idea of “staying in my lane” and only shooting what I want to build a portfolio around, but the truth is, there’s a ton of things I’m interested in photographing and I’m making a concerted effort to create personal works around those interests.

Sometimes those efforts bear fruit in the form of new client work, and Im excited that YETI saw fit to invest in that effort this year. I’m excited to have this image on their homepage for a hot minute. Below are some additional images from a spec/personal shoot on a chilly morning in Boulder Canyon last month.