The Wild Weminuche - A 24 hour escape

Desk jockey. Cube farmer. Pencil pushing corporate drone. These are just a few of the things seemingly just about everyone in my generation is trying to avoid when it comes to lifestyle. Every day my social media feeds are filled with articles selling the same idea in a litany of different ways. Van life, dirt bagging and year long National Park road trips. Sell your stuff and hit the road, NOW!  I'm sure there's merit to those things, and the experiences they bring are undoubtedly profound.  But those things aren't attainable for everyone and thats just the sad reality. Does that mean you should give up on doing something adventurous because you don't have a Westfalia and 100 thousand Instagram followers? Absolutely not.  For most of us, all we've got are the roughly 60 hours between 5pm Friday and the wet blanket alarm clock bringing us back to reality on Monday morning. And most of the time, that window is cut short by time spent in the car just getting us where we'd rather be. 

So what can you do with 24 of those precious hours? I think it will surprise you and I hope it will inspire you at the same time. My wife and I took our dog Parker on an 8 mile loop through a small part of the Weminuche Wilderness for the weekend and when I added up the time we actually spent in the back country, it totaled just over 24 hours. But in that time, we stood beside roaring waterfalls, caught brook trout from lakes at 12,300ft, watched the aplenglow of a chilly sunrise and took enough mental pictures to carry us through next weekend and then some. Don't waste your time envying every vintage rooftop tented land cruiser that appears to be living the dream. Figure out what's in your own backyard and go live your own dream, only if its just for 24 sweet, memorable hours. You'll be glad you did.